Ski tours on Kamchatka Peninsula, far East Russia

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Come skiing in the fantastic world of K which is The Kamchatka peninsula extends 1300km down from the easternmost part of Siberia, next to Japan.
A chain of hundreds of volcanoes runs its length, and one of the most impressive group, Avachinskyaya, located near the city Petro-Pavlovsk-Kamchatsky on the Pacific coast. Kamchatka’s volcanoes are set in one of the world’s most pristine natural environments – rich in wildlife and mainly free of roads, tracks, and people (Petro-Pavlovsk-Kamchatsky is accessible only by sea orair.) Many of the volcanoes are highly active and the proximity of the sea produces unpredictable weather. The area was opened to foreign climbers in 1991 and there have been just a handful of foreign ascents; the routes climbed so far have been pioneered by Russians. The peaks can be climbed at any time but winter conditions are extremely severe. For skiing is possible to come from February till June. If you cannot speak Russian, you will definitely need a guide.



Intermediate skier, experimented with backcountry (ski-touring) skiing.


5 to 8 participants


ABOUT 10 DAYS = skiing 8 days on the spot

Guiding by

Professional UIAGM mountain guide. Guided by YVES ASTIER P from Val d’Isère who speaks RUSSIAN and has been guiding every year in Russia since 1994, and who guided successfully 30 times on mount ELBRUS-Elbrouz..


From early April to mid-May


This price, from 2990 Euros per person is WITHOUT the airfare (without any flights) for a 10 day trip (8 days skiing)

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