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Fjords of Norway, active volcanoes of Chili, fantastic powder snow of japan and siberia or amazing skiing in Kamchatka Russia, so and so.

Elbrus south side ski tour

Just the fact that this mountain is the highest in Europe and is one of the world-famous “Seven Summit” peaks makes some people excited to see it and, finally, to conquer it. The mountain belongs, however, to a small […]

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Elbrus north side ski tour

Caucasian mountains, with their 1 000 km length, divide the Europeans and minor Asians summits. This huge chain of mountains, surrounded by the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, is subject to sudden climatic […]

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Volcanoes of South Chile

We will ski on these white “Fuji-Yama” above big lakes and deep forests of pines, cedras and typical Araucarias trees. Very good lodges, excellent food and accommodations (much better than anywhere else in South […]

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South Chili – Argentina

Chile, on the west coast of South America, is a charming & welcoming country along the Pacific ocean. Surprising with beautiful landscapes and incredible scenery like in the “Normand Switzerland” of Osorno/Chillan in […]

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Near Baikal lake, southern Siberia, the biggest pure drinkable water tank of our planet. From Moscou to St Petersburgh, we’ll fly to Irkutsk, on the edge of the Baikal lake, hard frozen from late January to May, where we’ll discover […]

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The best POWDER snow of our planet?? BOARDING or SKIING often on shallow slopes, with generally 700 to 900 meters vertical drop skiing, & maybe the best powder of our planet!! In Japan, the practice of freeride, on skis […]

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Kamchatka Peninsula, far East Russia

Come skiing in the fantastic world of K which is The Kamchatka peninsula extends 1300km down from the easternmost part of Siberia, next to Japan. A chain of hundreds of volcanoes runs its length, and one of the most impressive […]

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Sandwiched between Russia and the Black Sea, Georgia has recently enjoyed a huge upsurge in foreign visitors. This is due to its friendly people, cultural history and world famous wine. Georgia is geographically diverse with unspoiled […]

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Our IFMGA mountain guides, ski instructors and mountain leaders of our guides’ company “Maison des guides Val Thorens” invite you to discover off-piste skiing, ski touring, ice climbing, snowshoeing and much more. You’ll find us departing from the resorts of Val Thorens, Les Menuires, St Martin de Belleville, Méribel in the 3 vallées ski area and all over the Vanoise. Our base camp is located in the Belleville Valley.