Southern SIBERIA, snowboarding or skiing in MAMAI area, Khamar Daban range, close to Baikal lake

ski touring backcountry skiing // ski journeys abroad

Powder skiing and Far East backcountry skiing (ski-touring)

Near Baikal lake, southern Siberia, the biggest pure drinkable water tank of our planet. From Moscou to St Petersburgh, we’ll fly to Irkutsk, on the edge of the Baikal lake, hard frozen from late January to May, where we’ll discover almost another continent. Siberia, where everything is oversized. Siberia is the huggest region of Russia, much bigger than all Europe. No lifts in Khamar Daban, where we’ll ski mostly in Mamai valley..

Our program includes backcountry skiing, ski-touring in steep forests of pines and cedars, and above the hoods, on the summits! Sometimes we’ll be bordering the south of lake Baikal, 190 km from Irkutsk (4 hours driving from Irkutsk), lake on which the heaviest trucks can be driven from late January!!



Good off piste skiers; we may also do some forest ski-touring


3 to 7 persons per mountain guide- ski instructor


8 days, 6 days skiing and 6 nights in Sheregesh. (or a total of 12 DAYS with 5 days skiing if you want to see BAIKAL famous lake)

Guiding by

a UIAGM ski and mountain guide, for instance YVES ASTIER, UIAGM  ski and mountain guide and  ski instructor who speaks RUSSIAN


Off-piste and touring ski from early November to mid-January (we could ski there until early May).

Dates 2020 (same dates in 2021):
November / December 2020 = November 16-24
+ November 23-30, 2019 & 2020
+ December = Nov 28 nov-Dec 4
– December 5-12 th, 2020.


Per person without the air flights
(Ad the cost of the flights, around 500 or 600 euros for your flights to IRKUTSK, round trip through St Pertersburg or Moscow.
En chalet Deluxe, ou refuge suivant la formule choisie.

From 2780 euros per person x 6 participants minimum, price per person, without the airfare-flights (staying in a hut with a professional cook; no showers, not much comfort).

/or from 3300 euros person if Deluxe accommodation.
staying in a DELUXE hotel, hot showers= 3300 € per person (without the air flights) with 6 participants minimum (from 3700 € to 4000 € if only 3 to 5 participants)
+ Plus about 500 euros for the flights round trip, from London or Geneva or Paris to Irkutsk or to Novokunietzk (or Novosibirsk).
Selon votre lieu de départ prévoir au moins 500 à 600 euros pour vos vols avion jusqu’à IRKUTSK et retour via Moscou.

NB: BEWARE, when you purchase your siberian air flights, choose a correspondance flight from Moscow to IRKUSTSK (or also the same, if flying to Novokunietzk if you decide to come and ski LUZHBA forests or Sheregesh…) with a lapse of 5 hours between these two flights SO AS TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SKIS and other luggage /belongings will arrive in Siberia at the same time than you, …not 3 days later!!

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