Mont Blanc, 6 days course, ascent of normal route of Goûter


This is an acclimatization trip as well as an introduction to mountaineering. This course, during which three nights are spent at altitude, in order to acclimatize you gradually will make you discover the basics of mountaineering and will permit you to climb the top of Mont Blanc, 4810 m.
For everyone the top of MONT BLANC, 4810 meters high, is a dream, because it is the roof of Western Europe. Its dome of snow and ice looks great & fascinating because infinity is in the blue and white of skies, close to 5000m.
The summit of mountaineering is within the reach of mountain hikers trained and prepared. Indeed, elevation 4810m, although commonplace in the light of the Himalayas, is nevertheless HIGH enough for a serious and progressive acclimatization must be respected.
So we will enjoy six days in altitude to perform and climb to the top of Mont Blanc and prepare effectively for us: an opportunity to discover, in addition to the Mont Blanc, the high mountain and its beautiful scenery, as well as MOUNTAINEERING
6 days course + full potential 7 th day if bad weather to attempt the MT BLANC 4810 mts on DAY 6.., 5 nights all inclusive (half board + snacks or sandwiches for lunches).



Good to very good walker, in good physical condition. Have a little mountaineering experience and the high mountains is desirable. The first four days of hiking are within the reach of any good hiker capable of performing step 5 to 6 hours, edit, 600 to 800 meters, walk at a pace of 300 m / h, to carry a bag of 6 to 8 kg. The last two days are within the reach of any good to very good walker capable of performing a step of 10 hours, up to 1000 meters and walk at a pace of 400 m / h. Experience of the glacier is nevertheless desirable. It is always helpful to get “trained”. For people who consider themselves “limit” in light of these criteria, a good solution is to perform the previous week, a hike in the highlands on Tour du Mont Blanc or even more a week of “Chamonix-Zermatt glacier Haute Route”

NB: To put your level, test with a backpack of 8 to 10kg.
800 to 1000 meters vertical height hiked up in 3 hours = average walker.
1400 vertical meters in 3 hours = good walker.


4 to 8 persons per week, for one guide.


6 days course + full potential 7 th day if bad weather to attempt the MT BLANC 4810 mts on DAY 6.., 5 nights all inclusive (half board + snacks or sandwiches for lunches)

Guiding by

– A mountain guide for 6 to 8 persons in the first three days.
– A mountain guide for two people maximum for the ascent of Mont Blanc.


From early JUNE to early October

Departure every Saturday afternoon (6pm) from early JUNE to early October


from 1710 € per person 4 to 6 participants minimum (or 1800 euros if you need that we provide you all the technical GEAR & BOOTS, (A mountain guide for 2-3 persons for the MONT BLANC 4810 m)..

ITINERARY / conditions of high mountain
We may sometimes have to change somewhat the route specified: either at the organizational level (overload problem of accommodation, split groups, change in ground conditions – landslides, degraded trails, etc …) or directly as a guide (weather, group level, ). Trust us, these changes are still made in your best interest, for your safety and comfort.

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