MONT-BLANC 4810 m ski ascent in 2 or 3 days

Everyone dreams of it, because it is the roof of WESTERN Europe. (The highest summit in EUROPE seems to be, despite the controversy over “where does geographical Europe end, where does the waters divide”, the ELBRUS / Elbrus 5642 m, of which we are the N 1 European specialist and which we have been climbing or skiing every year with our students, for 23 years…).

This magical summit of Mont Blanc, at 4810 m, is within the reach of trained and prepared mountaineers. Don’t think of the Mont Blanc as just a challenge, and certainly not as an end in itself: we want you to love altitude and the high mountains, and to climb Mont Blanc as a gateway to the wonderful world of altitude and the world of Samivel!

Prefer an ASCENSION of Mont Blanc over 3 days, to be better prepared for altitude and cramponing.



No level required, but a high level of fitness/endurance is necessary.

However, a little mountaineering or glacier trekking experience is recommended!


1 to 2 participants per UIAGM guide


two to three days, on reservation

/ OR: weekend /

Guided by

UIAGM mountain guide.

All our raids and most of our courses are supervised by Savoie-Mont Blanc UIAGM mountain guides.


from early JUNE (end of May) to early October


Preparation Cramponing school and ascent
the 3 (or 4) day package is highly recommended

All-inclusive for 3 days :
1980€ for a single participant
OR 2440€ (1150€ per/person).

For 3 days / 2 nights; this price includes :
– Loan of specific footwear and equipment,
– 2 nights’ half-board accommodation at the Tête rousse hut or 2nd night at the Goûter hut, subject to availability,
– supervision by a UIAGM mountain guide
– GOUTER TMB ski lift.

This price does not include bottled water or drinks.
If you wish to spend the 2 nights at the Goûter refuge, you will be asked to pay a supplement of 90€ per person.


All-inclusive for 2 days :
1590€ for a single participant
OR 1940€ (970€ per/person).

For 2 days / 1 night; this price includes :
– Loan of boots and special equipment if required,
– 1 night’s half-board accommodation at the Tête rousse or Goûter huts, subject to availability.
– supervision by a UIAGM mountain guide
– GOUTER TMB ski lifts

This price does not include bottled water or drinks.

We will accept you on this package ONLY if you have already practised cramponing and high-mountain climbing for at least 2 days beforehand.

Or: private, Mont Blanc sec (you book the refuges) 1080 to 1140€ for 1 or 2 participants (1140€ for two participants). You’ll also need to cover the cost of the huts and lifts for you and your guide.


High-mountain guide: PRICE OF A DAY’S GUIDE HIRE = in summer a minimum of €380 per day (basic introductory day); cost to be divided between participants; in winter, from €440 (or €410 for 1 participant).

AEM mountain leader = from 230 to 260 euros / day, to be divided between participants

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